Arts Involvement Has Positive Impact
On Students of All Socio-Economic Levels
These statistics, first released in 1997, are based on the study of
over 25,000 students, tracked for several years. The authors of the
study incorporated data from students of all ethnic and economic
backgrounds so the study would not be biased.
The study also looked at students of low socio-economic status both as
part of the entire student population, and separately, to see if arts
education had a significant impact upon students of low socio-economic
status. Here are the results.
"SES" refers to socio-economic status.
"Arts" refers to experience or coursework in performing or visual
arts either in school or outside of school.
Earning mostly As and Bs in English:
All Students     High Arts 79.2%
All Students Low Arts 64.2%
Low SES High Arts 64.5%
Low SES Low Arts 56.4%
Scoring in top 2 quartiles on standardized tests:
All Students High Arts 66.8%
All Students Low Arts 42.7%
Low SES High Arts 29.5%
Low SES Low Arts 24.5%
Dropping out by grade 10:
All Students High Arts 1.4%
All Students Low Arts 4.8%
Low SES High Arts 6.5%
Low SES Low Arts 9.4%
Scoring in top 2 quartiles, Grade 10 Standardized Test Composite:
All Students High Arts 72.5%
All Students Low Arts 45.0%
Low SES High Arts 41.4%
Low SES Low Arts 24.9%
Scoring in top 2 quartiles in Reading:
All Students High Arts 70.9%
All Students Low Arts 45.1%
Low SES High Arts 43.8%
Low SES Low Arts 24.9%
Scoring in top 2 quartiles in History, Citizenship, Geography:
All Students High Arts 70.9%
All Students Low Arts 46.3%
Low SES High Arts 41.0%
Low SES Low Arts 28.6%
Consider community service important or very important:
All Students High Arts 46.6%
All Students Low Arts 33.9%
Low SES High Arts 49.2%
Low SES Low Arts 40.7%
Watching television 1 hour or less on weekdays:
All Students High Arts 28.2%
All Students Low Arts 15.1%
Low SES High Arts 16.4%
Low SES Low Arts 13.3%
Watching television 3 hours or more on weekdays:
All Students High Arts 20.6%
All Students Low Arts 15.1%
Low SES High Arts 33.6%
Low SES Low Arts 42.0%
Source: "Involvement in the Arts and Human Development:
General Involvement and Intensive Involvement in Music and
Theater Arts." by James S. Catterall, Richard Chapleau, and John
Iwanga, from the UCLA Graduate School of Education &
Information Studies.
This study is found in the compilation "Champions of Change"
published by the President's Council on the Arts and Humanities.
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