Why Music? Miscellaneous Quotes
"While most of us will never sing like Aretha Franklin or
Celine Dion, an education in the arts can help all of us
reach our individual dreams. Research now shows that
music education not only lifts our children's hearts, but
also dramatically increases their abstract reasoning, spatial
skills and their scores on math and verbal exams. At a
time when too many arts education programs are the first
to be cut and the last to be added, all of us must send a
clear message. When it comes to igniting our children's
ability to learn and imagine, the arts must be just as central
to our children's education as the three R's."
-- Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States
of America
"I have a premonition that one day soon we will wake up,
like Woody Allen's character in the film Sleeper, to the
realization that stripping instrumental music from our
elementary schools was a true blunder of twentieth century
American education."
-- James S. Catterall, professor of education and co-director
of Imagination Project at UCLA
"For some strange reason, when it comes to music and the
arts, our world view has led us to believe they are easily
expendable. Well, I believe that a nation that allows music
to be expendable is in danger of becoming expendable itself."
-- Richard Dreyfuss, actor and star of Mr. Holland's Opus,
38th Annual Grammy Awards
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